Garage Door Repair Services in St. Charles, MO

Garage Door Repair in St. Charles

Is your garage door not working properly? When you press the button to your automatic door, does it make a bunch of angry noises and stay in place? Is your door catching at some spot? Has a component in your door broken down, and you do not know how to get a replacement?

If you are any experiencing problems with your garage door or if it has stopped working entirely, it can be a frustrating problem every day. Therefore, it may be time to call a professional garage door repair company for expert advice and service.

Duncan Door Service has been one of the most trusted providers of garage door repair services in St. Louis, MO for more than 30 years. Based out of St. Charles, and locally owned and operated, we take pride in providing the best garage door repair services. To learn more about our garage door repair prices or to schedule garage door repair, call us at 636-922-2398 or contact us online.

Why It Is Better to Call for Garage Door Repair Sooner Rather Than Later

St. Louis & St. Louis Garage Door Repair

When automatic garage doors have problems – even minor ones – the problems tend to start small. It could be an odd noise, a spot where the door catches every time, or a shuddering motion that can be perceived as it moves. However, because of the gear mechanisms, minor issues that you can see could be indicators of more serious problems in the internal machinery that only a garage door repair technician will be able to notice. What starts as a minor mechanical issue caused by ordinary wear and tear along with weather-related erosion can develop into a serious breakdown that requires extensive garage door repair.

That means that the best preventative that will save you money on garage door repairs is regular maintenance and proper garage door installation. An improper installation may not have immediately noticeable effects, but it can make it so that you need a major garage door repair later on. That is why it is best to start off with a professional installation, as it saves money on maintenance in the long run.

Signs That You Need Garage Door Repair

If your garage door opener is working inconsistently or not at all, it could either mean that there is an obstruction in front of the sensor or that there could be a problem with either the transmitter or the receiver. In this case, many issues can be resolved with a simple repair or realignment.

Other problems that you may notice include loud noises and scraping as your garage door opens, a door that fails to stay closed, or a door that opens only part way. In any of these cases, it is important to contact a professional to diagnose the problem.

When you need to schedule a garage door repair appointment – even if it is an emergency – call Duncan Door Service for all your garage door maintenance, installation, and repair needs in the greater St. Louis and St. Charles area.