Garage Door Openers: Sales & Service in St. Charles, MO

Garage Door Openers: Sales & Services in St. Charles

If you are using an outdated garage door opener, your home may not be as secure as you think. Were you aware that professional burglars have learned how to foil some older models of garage door openers to spoof radio signals and walk right into homes? However, garage door openers have seen impressive new innovations in recent years, improving technology, functionality, and security.

For example, some of the newer models of garage door openers include advanced security features to ensure that only the authorized garage door opener holder can access them. They use custom signals that change regularly so that they remain synched with the authorized owner.

This makes it so that your home garage door can be more secure than many commercial and governmental buildings – as long as you have one of these more modern garage door openers.

Features of Modern Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Opener Repair in St. Charles & St. Louis

Other features of newer garage door openers include:

  • Keyless and automated entry systems
  • The ability to grant temporary access with short-term PINs
  • ‘Vacation mode’ that prevents any unauthorized automatic access
  • Software dashboards to allow remote monitoring and access on your smartphone while you are away from home
  • Superior designs that require less maintenance and cleaning
  • Integration with lighting systems
  • Included customer service contracts
  • Better detection of obstructions to the receiver that will help you to avoid making unnecessary calls for assistance
  • …and more

As technology has developed in garage door openers, the state of the art has advanced far beyond what was common in previous decades. The best new garage door openers do much more than just open your garage door on command with better security, improved reliability, and more convenience.

If you would like help choosing a new garage door opener and integrated garage door system in the St. Louis or St. Charles, MO area, call Duncan Door Service today at 636-922-2398 for a free consultation. We offer competitive garage door prices and work with the highest quality vendors, so we can steer you to a great solution for what your family needs. At Duncan Door Service, we have over 30 years of expertise providing garage door repairs and maintenance services to customers throughout the greater St. Louis and St. Charles areas.

Repair Services for Garage Door Openers in St. Charles, MO

Even the highest quality garage door openers can break down or have maintenance issues that impede their performance. Dust and dirt, exhaust from cars, inclement weather, water damage, obstructions, damage from collisions with objects, and even wear and tear can cause your garage door opener to malfunction. Damage to the remote or the wiring because of electrical issues can also cause issues that can be challenging for even a DIY expert to solve.

If your garage door opener is non-responsive, inconsistently responsive, or only working through the remote or the wired version, Duncan Door Service can help. We service and repair all types of old and new garage door openers from all makes and models. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us at 636-922-2398 or use our online contact form to provide a description of your issue so that we can get to solving your problem as quickly as possible. Whether it is a simple repair or you need a replacement garage door opener, we will help you to first diagnose the problem and then resolve it so that you can get on with your life.